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With solutions like the 3G Aqua Natural Water Conditioning System and the Agro Aqua Hot and Cold Water System, we contribute for long and healthy life of people.

About Our Company 

M/s 3g Aqua Water Treatment Technology is a fast-growing Indian corporate conglomerate with a diverse range of interests. Rather of following the crowd, we want to set the pace. This is the mindset that drives us to try out new ideas and create a one-of-a-kind product line. The proofs may be found in our solutions such as 3G Aqua Natural Water Conditioning System and Agro Aqua Hot And Cold Water System. Our organisation is the proud owner of a redox water treatment system for natural water resources that has been patented. Our engineers have developed a unique Natural Water Treatment System for Domestic, Commercial, and Agricultural Applications after decades of studies and investigation. After their excellent water treatment capability, the most understated characteristic of our inventions is their maintenance-free technology, which makes it an effective, affordable, and Eco-Friendly Water Condition System.

The two most significant variables that influence our Research & Development Division are quality and affordability. We aim to create high-quality items at reasonable prices, which is how we have built a strong reputation as a manufacturer and exporter not only in India, but also in the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Qatar, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Oman, Bahrain, Thailand, Australia and other countries. 

We accept any business inquiries for manufacturing and selling items to clients' specifications under their own brand name, or for partnering with them as a distributor in specific areas. We provide the highest-quality items, a well-developed market, and a lucrative profit margin.

Water Problems & Solutions

We are on the verge of severe environmental degradation and a filthy environment. Our water has lost its inherent medicinal powers due to the widespread use of chemicals in home, industrial, and agricultural applications. The water we use in our homes and businesses is contaminated with lime, rust, algae, and a variety of dangerous chemicals and heavy metals. This tainted water acts as a gradual poison, affecting not only human health but also the productivity of land, cattle, and machinery. Toxic metals may be present in the unclean water, posing a major health risk to the brain, kidneys, neurological system, blood pressure, and red blood cells. The neurological system, blood pressure, and red blood cells are all affected. It can cause substantial long-term injury to newborns and children, such as delays in physiological development and mental deficiencies, and it is also toxic to pregnant women.

Soft water is really the only long-term remedy to all problems caused by hard water. It allows soap to clean your body effectively, removing debris and bacteria while also opening pores for good skin. It makes your hair soft, silky, and healthy-looking. The same can be said for your cloth. A small amount of soap or shampoo can help you right now. You now have access to cleaner utensils that are devoid of health risks. Soft water cleans everything perfectly. It inhibits scale in pipe lines and equipment, extending their life and increasing their efficiency. By employing a suitable Natural Water Treatment System at home or at business, you can save up to 22% energy.

Our Solutions: Our 3G Aqua, 3G Aqua Plus, and 4G Aqua (Agro Aqua) products are 100% natural water treatment systems that use our unique Redox (Oxidation-Reduction) Technology to allow water to flow freely through the system without generating deposits, rust, or corrosion. They do not require any external salts, chemicals, electricity,  or resins in the process, making them a completely maintenance-free and natural water treatment system.


A natural water treatment system is one that works without the need of any external ingredients or stimulators and does not use any chemical or electrical processes. This method eliminates heavy metals, microbes, and the scaling potential of hard water through natural processes, saves costs, and minimises and improves system life.

We can change the crystal structure of the scale calcium carbonate from calcite to aragonite by employing an enhanced Natural Water Treatment system. Although it is not a water softener, the Improved Natural Water Treatment system like Agro Aqua Hot And Cold Water System and 3G Aqua Natural Water Conditioning System will soften water from mild hard water.  It will alter the molecular form of the calcium crystal, preventing it from adhering to a surface and allowing it to move freely through the water stream. As a result, there should be no scaling and the water will indeed be clear. Because there are no moving components, timers, electricity, resins, or chemicals, it requires almost no maintenance over time.

Advantages of 3G-AQUA plus Treated Water

  • You save money by having 3G-Aqua plus treated water. You use far less soap and cleaning goods when water is 3G-Aqua plus treated water. The savings will be reflected in budget automatically.
  • Your plumbing will last for a longer period of time. Mineral deposits in hard water can lead to the formation of scale. Pipes can choke, water flow can be lowered, and water pressure can be reduced with time. With 3G-Aqua plus treated water, this does not happen.

Additional Benefits

  • When you wash your clothing with 3G-Aqua plus treated water, they last longer and stay brighter. The reason for this is that most fabrics leave sand particles in the weave. This gives them a drab appearance. Your washing machine will also survive longer since it wont be subjected to mineral and deposit build-up.
  • The first thing one probably notice is that you'll need to buy a lot less soap. You'll use less of everything, including dish detergent, shampoo, and laundry soap. The reason for this is because 3GAqua plus treated water has a higher washing capacity. You can obtain better results with less. Typically, you may use half to two-thirds less soap and get the same or better results.
  • Glasses and plates will not smear, and rings and stains will not discolour your bathroom fixtures.
  • When you bathe with 3G-Aqua plus treated water, your skin feels softer. You'll feel rejuvenated after your bath or shower, and your skin will be thoroughly cleansed. Rough, dry skin will also fade over time.
  • If you colour your hair, washing it in 3G-Aqua plus treated water can help it retain its brightness for longer.

Irrigation: More Crop Per Drop

For all irrigation uses, use 3G-AQUA with treated water. Not only does 3G-AQUA plus continue to cure hard water issues, but recent research have shown that it can significantly reduce soil salinity-Patents Pending. Crops are being produced and thriving on water that would ordinarily be considered unfit for irrigation. Similarly, when you configure a 3G-AQUA plus, you can expect to solve your water problems and improve the quality of your water and soil. Water penetrates the soil more quickly. 3G-AQUA combined with purified water reaches the soil more quickly. This translates to less evaporation and water use-up to 20% in some circumstances.

Benefits of 3G-AQUA Water penetration is improved, which decreases water usage and increases plant and crop growth, resulting in higher yields. Reduces the effects of salts and minerals in all water reduces the need for fertilisers reduces the impacts of salts and minerals in all water halts scale and corrosion in water systems drip irrigation lines stay spotless ball valves and taps operate seamlessly hinders algae growth, stock throughs and tanks stay cleaner provides a more usable water supply. Therefore, our Agro Aqua Hot And Cold Water System is in huge demand in Agriculture sector.

Why is 3G-AQUA with Treated Water Good for Kids?

  • There will be no more soap residue on their skin. When skins natural oils are permitted to remain undisturbed by mineral build-up, it stays softer and healthier.
  • To cleanse the skin, less soap is required. With younger children, this is especially critical. Their skin is typically more delicate and susceptible to irritants present in many soaps and cleaning solutions. Remember, a very little soap or shampoo goes a long way with 3G-Aqua + treated water.
  • When there is not a build-up of minerals on the hair, it is smoother and easier to manage. This makes brushing and detangling easier.
  • Reduced Scale Build Up
  • Scale encrustations on emitters, spray heads, valves, and irrigation equipment occur when hard water is used to irrigate for residential, turf, or agricultural reasons. 
  • Hard water forms a layer of hard pan on the soil that acts as a barrier to water trying to saturate it.
  • Irrigation equipment will require more regular replacement.
  • Irrigation equipment overspray causes a white chalky residue on buildings and walkways.

Why Our Solutions?

We must consider all of the negative impacts of hard water and choose the best solution. Our company has a certified water softening method that is based on redox reactions. This is one of 36 noble and semi-noble metal types. Factors that convince buyers to choose our creations are:

  • No need for upkeep
  • No resin-based products 
  • No electricity
  • No magnet
  • No electromagnet

We are a certified company with patented and scientifically proven water softening technology that provides long-term results.

3G Aqua Water Conditioners VS Other water conditioners or Softener

  • Our strength is Redox Reaction, a certified and proven technology
  • Results with a long life span of more than 45 years
  • Easy to Install, Fit and Forget
  • It has a longer working life because it is made of noble and semi-noble metals
  • Formulation of a redox reaction based on the most efficient catalytic transfer of electrons
  • Although the price is lower, consider that you are just paying for the item once, with no further fees

  • As a makeshifter, there is no certification
  • No security and no life
  • After installation, there is no longer security
  • Magnet, Resin, Electromagnet, Copper Plates, and other materials are used, therefore there is no life
  • There is no formulation since no proven technology is used
  • If you spend for it, it will be a waste of money since, as you know, without life, there is no security

Benefits Of Dealership With Our Company 

  • Only scientifically proven and certified water softening technology with long-term results is available from us.
  • We are a registered and certified private limited corporation with patents in India and 36 other countries.
  • Because we are in global marketing, we get a lot of requests from all 50 states and other nations for domestic, commercial, and agricultural use.
  • We have many options for generating inquiries; we will share your areas' inquiries with you and also be available to speak with you on the phone if you have any difficulty explaining or agreeing with clients.
  • If you are a dealer, we will discuss inquiries from your areas with you, and if you have any difficulties explaining them, we will assist you or you can contact with us to do so.

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